Trenton Wedding Photography + Southern Bridal Portrait
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Featured in East Carolina Bride | Trenton Wedding | Carolina & Destination Wedding Photographers

For those of us that know us, you know that we LOVE to be different. To go against the grain. To celebrate uniqueness. (Hence our motto: Unique Stories. Dramatic Photos.) When people say, “your photography is unlike anything else we have seen” they don’t realize what a HUGE compliment that is to us!

So when Brooke told us she was traveling allllll the way from small town North Carolina to the Big City (New York City of course!) to shop for her dress at the one and only Kleinfield Bridal, we were beyond excited to see what perfect gown she selected! And yes, that is the boutique on “Say Yes to the Dress!” A girl after our own heart, Brooke wanted to find something ‘different’ and made it a priority!

That being said, we were excited that the East Carolina Bride wanted to feature a few of their favorites from Brooke’s southern Bridal Experience session (taking place just outside of Trenton). Of course, you can go back and take a look at our personal favs here. Then head on over to the EC Bride and check out Brooke’s feature!

As always, for more information regarding J+A Photography and how you can have us tell your unique story, please contact us!

Trenton Photography

Trenton Photography