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Grow 1.0 Workshop | Intro to Photography | North Carolina Class

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Hi guys!

We are excited to announce our next date for our Grow 1.0 Workshop! Did you get a nice camera for Christmas and don’t exactly know how to use it? Do you have a nice camera but are still stuck shooting on auto mode (better known as the green one…)? Do you have a nice camera but your pictures still come out looking blah? Then Grow 1.0 is for you-our popular intro to photography class!

One thing that you can count on is: HAVING AN AMAZING time with other photographers just like you, in an environment that is perfect for getting that extra one on one help. And we promise that before you leave we will make it “click” for you. And we will be there supporting you even when the class is over, through our social network groups where you can post questions, get your work evaluated and critiqued, and get answers from other photographers.

We are so certain that you will walk away having your questions answered and finally understanding how to use your camera. There will be lots of COFFEE, lots of LAUGHTER, some great people, and gorgeous MODELS! The class will be roughly 1:30-8:30pm (with dinner provided!)

Scroll down to see how you can register for our June 13th edition of Grow 1.0, AND how to save $25!


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I attended Grow 1.0 a few months ago and I learned so much from Jared and Amanda! From the atmosphere to the content to the application, every aspect exceeded my expectations! If you want to gain knowledge and build your confidence in photography, this workshop is for you! Money and time well spent!

~ Christa L.

I thoroughly enjoyed Grow 1.0. From the technical aspect to the creative side, Jared and Amanda provided us with a wealth of information including a hands on photoshoot at the end of our classroom session. If you want to “grow” your photography confidence and knowledge, this workshop is for you!!

~ Susan B.

I decided to take the Grow 1.0 class because I wanted to learn more about photography and how to get the most out of my Canon 60D.

I felt it to be an honor to take the class from some of the best photographers in eastern NC. They take the time to show you, on YOUR camera how to really use your camera. How to get the most out of the DSLR in shutter priority, aperture priority, and manual exposure. After the class, I had a much better understanding of exposure, composition, lighting, etc. The class isn’t only classroom teaching. You will also have the opportunity to put to use what you learned in a live shoot afterward.

Why should you attend? You’ve already invested the money in your DSLR, learn to use it with J+A. They are the best at teaching you everything about your camera, and how to achieve “that shot” you’ve always wanted to get.

~ Craig L.


SO, do you want to be a part of our our next Grow 1.0 Workshop, on Saturday June 13th? Then head on over to our Grow Workshop website and register! Save $25 by registering before May 16th!


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