Lauren + Josh Farm Engagement Session Goldsboro NC
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Farm Engagement Session Lauren + Josh

So where do we begin with these two AWESOME individuals….well our relationship with Lauren + Josh seems to go way back. How far back? Well let’s see, when I (Jared) was serving in our youth ministry at The Bridge fresh out of college Josh was one of the youth in the group. We came close to one another with the number of similar interests that we had. You know the things like Xbox, surfing, playing pool, and the list goes on. Now fast forward 11 years and he has found this amazing Christian woman Lauren.

Lauren started attending our church a number of years ago and her and Amanda grew very close. They serve on the VIP team together and they have very similar personalities. They are very quick witted and always cracking jokes. Which is what makes Lauren and Josh so perfect for one another. When they got engaged we were hoping we would get the opportunity to capture their special day. Once they asked us we were thrilled and had a good idea for what they were looking for. You see they both grew up in the country and we had a feeling that they would really be looking for a Farm engagement session of some sort. So they got to work and found the perfect place complete with horses, hay bails, sunsets, barns, fences, and fields. Now throw in the two of them and you have a perfect combination. We hope that you enjoy their images as much as we did capturing them. Lauren + Josh we wish you two the best!


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