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Product Spotlight: Custom Designed Flushmount Leather Storybooks | 10×10 Deluxe Storybook | Wedding Photography Albums

One of the items that we at J+A have added to almost all of our wedding packages is a custom designed storybook. Even in the digital age that we are living in, we know that CD’s and DVD’s and USB’s are going to be like 8-tracks to our kids. That is why we find it so important to house a highlight of the wedding day photographs in a book that can be passed down to future generations. Something tangible that will never be outdated or deemed unusable due to future changes in digital media. Also, for many brides this is the first family heirloom acquired and will proudly be displayed in their new home.

Even from our personal experience, we have literally flipped through our own storybook hundreds of times and shown it to everybody we know.  It is so exciting as a newly wed to have this book on your coffee table and it become a conversation piece when friends and family visit. Every single time we look back at that book, we are able to experience those same emotions we felt on our wedding day time and time again. And that is what it is all about.  We also offer smaller versions of these books for parents/family of the bride and groom so they can also share in reliving the memories of the couple’s special day!

When we design these storybooks, we craft it into a piece of art that tells a story. We want a stranger to be able to pick up that book, look through it, and be able to experience how the entire wedding day unfolded, and walk away as if they know the couple and feel the love they have for each other.

We have been to many nationwide expos and trade shows and are confident that we chose the top album company in the US. Their quality is hard to beat (although it comes at a price!) But it was important for us to find something that is beautiful, breathtaking and unique while durable enough to handle a lot of use.

That being said, let’s check it out! Here is a series of images and features from one of the storybooks we offer: the 10×10 Deluxe Storybook (featuring a single leather cover)

First, it comes wrapped in this beautiful (green!) boutique packaging that is partly made from recycled pineapples! Crazy we know…

We prefer pages that are not flimsy and will not bend or get dented while flipping through the book, so we chose a company that offered that as well. This particular book is only 30 pages (15 spreads), so we opted to have the prints adhered to a bigger substrate so the overall book is a nice, quality size. Storybooks ordered with 40 to 60 pages will not have the black substrate in between the spreads, to keep the book about 1.5-2.5 inches thick, which is ideal since much larger than that is too heavy and bulky to handle! All books will also have the nice rounded corners as pictured below.

Our favorite feature of the storybooks we provide is the flushmount printing. This is one thing that separates professional album companies from general consumer labs. We want to be able to take a stunning photograph that the couple loves and be able to display it full-page to add that ‘wow factor’ to the book. Notice there is not a gutter in the center of the spread, but that the photograph is printed over the crease so that no part of the image is lost or misaligned.

The next decision we had to make when offering custom storybooks to our clients was whether or not to keep things simple (which is what we normally prefer) and only offer 1 or 2 cover types, OR to allow the clients to chose their own. In our boutique style business model, simplicity normally rules because the less decisions a stressed out bride has to make, the better her experience will be!

However after MUCH deliberation and asking previous J+A brides, the ability to select their book cover is something they looked forward to, and got excited about. The company we use offers a wide variety of genuine leathers, vegan options, solid color suedes, artsy materials, animal prints and even metal and acrylic covers! The options are endless. There is a nice selection for parents to choose from as well for their parent storybooks.

This particular cover is one of our favorites. Classy, yet just enough texture to spice things up.  It is a basic one-leather design, which can be upgraded to 2-3 leathers, photo inserts, etc depending on what the client wants. We have a box full of samples for our clients to feel and view, as well as an Ipad app that shows a digital version of the book they design. So even with all of these options, we have managed to simplify the ordering process to make things as easy as possible for the bride!

The next big thing when considering a storybook is the overall design. Like we mentioned earlier, simplicity is key and we design in a way to make the photographs the center of attention, as well as the emotions they portray, like the image on the right of the bride and her dad during their first dance at the reception. We also keep the layout of the spreads all about the photographs to help prevent the book from becoming outdated due to texts and design elements that may go out of style a few years from now.


So there is an overview of one of the custom wedding storybooks we offer here at J+A. Stay tuned for more product spotlights in the future!

~ J+A